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Haleakala National Park: Enter the House of the Rising Sun on Your Hawaiian Holiday

Okay, we took a little liberty and added “rising” to the title. Don’t get nervous, though. Lots of people-from locals to visitors-call Haleakala the same thing. Literally translated, though, the name means only “house of the sun”. You’re holiday to Maui will not be complete without a visit to Haleakala National Park. It is listed as one of the greatest things about being on holiday in Hawaii.

Haleakala is the world’s tallest standalone mountain, meaning, it is not part of a mountain range. The mountain was designated as a national park in 1961 and has been a favorite destination for people far longer than that. Haleakala National Park is more than 29-thousand acres in size. It is a perfect place for camping, hiking, fishing and, as you’ll soon find out, watching the sun rise.

World Famous For Seeing the Rising Sun!

Be sure to arrive to the park at least 30 minutes prior to sun rise and you’ll see one of the most fascinating and vivid dawns in the entire world. Be sure to leave in plenty of time as well. In some locations, you may be a couple of hours away from Haleakala, even by rental car or tour bus.

The Mythical Legend Behind Haleakala

There is a legend about how the spectacular sunrise came to Haleakala: Maui, a demi-god, and his mother, lived on Hilo on the Big Island, near Rainbow Falls. Hina loved to make kapa (a fabric made by native Hawaiians, and their gods, out of certain tree barks). She would then dye the material brilliantly, however she always complained because the sun went across the sky too fast and the material was always still damp when night came.

Wanting to please his mother, Maui headed to the 10,000 summit of Haleakala where the sun was resting in a crater. When the sun began to rise, Maui trapped it with a lasso and made the sun promise to move more slowly across the sky. In order to be released, the sun struck a deal with Maui: It would travel more slowly for 6 months of the year and the other 6 months it would move at its own pace.

The Best Sunrise in the World

You can look at all the pictures and videos of sunrises on Haleakala that you want. It will never be able to do it true justice. Take your sweetheart to the House of Rising Sun on your Holidays to Hawaii and make dreams come true and love blossom at the best sunrise in to see in the world.