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Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri

A Must-See for Historical Enthusiasts

Pearl Harbor was once the scene of a dramatic historic event, namely, the bombing that initiated the US involvement in World War II. It has since become a major tourist attraction in Hawaii, drawing more than 1.5 million visitors every year. What was at one time a site of destruction and death is now a living force, a serious reminder of what the world suffered and lost during the last world war. When it was attacked on December 7, 1941, the development of World War II was altered, as was the history of the United States. The Pearl Harbor Tour offers guests to Oahu the opportunity to visit the scene of this terrible incident and become a part of the experience of that shocking day.

At present, Pearl Harbor displays small traces of the annihilation that took place in 1941. The port was rebuilt after the war. It is now recognized as one of the world's most lovely naval bases. Situated in the Ewa District of Oahu, it is also the world's biggest naval base. The millions of tourists who come are there to observe the site of an intense historical event.

Three historical attractions are open to the public: the Battleship Missouri, the Submarine Bowfin, and the Arizona Memorial. They all offer physical dimension and insights into the catastrophic event that took place that one morning in 1941.

The USS Battleship Missouri

The USS Battleship Missouri is just one of the major historical attractions. It is the place where the peace treaty was signed that resulted in the conclusion of WWII. It was also here that General Douglas McArthur acknowledged the absolute surrender of the Japanese forces, indicating the end of the Second World War. This happened on September 2, 1945. Battleship Missouri, also known as Mighty Mo, comprises exhibits from three different 20th century wars, which covers 50 years worth of history.

When you are visiting Oahu, Pearl Harbor is a definite must-see because it has so much to offer. Go back in time with tour guides dressed in military outfits from World War II. All of them are very well educated in the historical facts and events surrounding the attack, and they will share them with you as they take you on a tour through Honolulu and the memorial, guiding you to all of the relevant historic tourist attractions.

You can visit the memorial of the USS Arizona, which is constructed upon the hull of the sunken ship. Also on the tour, guides will take you to the oldest fort on Oahu called Fort Shafter, which remains in similar condition to the way it was in World War II. To end the tour, they will take you to the Punchbowl National Cemetery where many servicemen who lost their lives throughout the attack were put to rest and to the Surrender Deck, where World War II was ended. You can also find other attractions at Pearl Harbor including a museum that holds the plaques that have the names of all civilians and military killed during the war.

The site has been declared a National Historic Landmark, the only US naval base to be acknowledged. Today Pearl Harbor in Hawaii is one of Oahu’s principal Attractions