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The Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu

The Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu is considered, by most, a tourist attraction. However, to some it is a place of deep respect that is taken quite seriously. Within the property, entertainment, flora, people and activities at the Polynesian Cultural Center lies the pure culture that makes the Hawaiian Islands as special as they are.

Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center may be the most important thing you do on your Hawaiian Holiday. It is both wildly entertaining and hugely educational. You will come away from your visit with the utmost respect and understanding of the ancient Polynesian culture that is still so alive in Hawaii today.

Where is the Polynesia Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is located about one to one and a half hours car ride from Honoulu and Waikiki, depending on the traffic. The physical location is 55-370 Kamehameha Highway in Laie.

What is the Polynesian Cultural Center All About?
  • Contains more than 42 acres of water features and beautiful, tropical gardens.
  • Six real, Hawaiian Island villages
  • The Best Luaus in all of the Hawaiian Islands-HANDS DOWN!
  • Interactive activities that allow you to “GO NATIVE” for a short period of time.
  • The largest night time show on Oahu called Ha: Breath of Life!
  • Experience the North Shore and Hawaii in totally different way on your Holiday.

Honolulu Magazine rates the Polynesian Cultural Center as the best family attraction to partake in while you’re on your Hawaiian visit. It is so spectacular, as a matter of fact, that even native Hawaiians and Polynesians from other Islands around the South Pacific take their children there to give them a deeper appreciation of the Polynesian culture. Those are some pretty great endorsements and testimonials!

Is the Polynesian Cultural Center Worth it?

It’s really a toss-up. It’s worth the visit if you want to get a deeper appreciation of the Island culture of Hawaii and the people who are hosting your holiday. However, if you are on Oahu just to hike the Stairway to Heaven then you might skip it. It really matters what you are trying to get out of your Oahu holiday, however, the Polynesian Cultural Center is the premiere center of its kind in the world and you will never get to experience it anywhere else.

Check with your Hawaii Travel Professional for the best rates and deals at the Polynesian Cultural Center as it often runs specials.