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Oahu Shark Tours

If you think that seeing sharks in Hawaii is only for those people who have a chance, dangerous encounter then think again! Seeing sharks on Oahu is pretty easily done as long as you do so in the right way.

Doing some Oahu shark diving is pretty simple, really. You find a reputable tour company that offers the tours. Once you’re at the tour location, you’ll board a boat that will take you a couple miles off-shore. Sharks in Hawaii tend to avoid the shallow, coastal waters (which is good news for surfers and snorkelers most of the time) so traveling a few minutes off of the coast is a necessity.

Important Information about Shark Tours on Oahu

Safety Note: It’s important that when you agree to go on a tour with Shark Tour Company that you ask whether they feed or bait the sharks into the area. You DO NOT want the company to feed the sharks. If they are worked up into a feeding frenzy then things can get very dicey and dangerous.

In most cases, you’ll be in a cage and lowered into the water in the vicinity of sharks. Sharks are curious creatures and will often come within 25 feet of divers and the cages. The truth is that shark sightings in Hawaii are not that uncommon. Anyone with a boat and a little patience can see a shark if they really wanted to. However, having a cage and actually being in the water and in such close proximity to the sharks is an awesome experience.

Is it Easy to See Sharks in Oahu Waters?

Shark sightings in Hawaii and especially on Oahu, is not that uncommon. Beach goers in Waikiki, snorkelers at Mahaka, and paddle boarders in Kailua have all reported shark sightings. Truth is, sightings of sharks in reefy areas are a good indication that the reef and marine eco-system is healthy.,/p>

Shark’s are marvelous creatures, While the common snorkeler and diver on Oahu can see the common white tip reef sharks, unless you go on an actual shark tour off of the coast of Oahu, then it will difficult to see some other awesome shark species such as the Galapagos shark, hammerhead sharks and sandbar sharks.

Don’t Miss Out

If you’re on Oahu for your Hawaiian holiday and you are looking for marine adventure to get the blood pumping and observing the awesome species of shark’s off the coast of Hawaii then you should definitely look into booking a shark tour while you’re visiting!