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Waterfalls on Oahu Hawaii

3 Waterfalls to Visit in Oahu on Your Hawaiian Holiday

One of the natural wonders of Hawaii are the numerous waterfalls that you can encounter on simple walks around the Islands. Sure, there are those waterfalls that require a little more work and physical exertion to get to. There are even some waterfalls around Hawaii that can only be reached by helicopter.

Oahu is different from some of the other Hawaiian Islands, though, in that most of the waterfalls are very accessible with simple walk or moderately difficult hike if you’re in the mood to get your fitness on when you’re on your Hawaiian holiday.

Laie Falls

Laie Falls is located on Mormon land and within the property of Brigham Young University. You will need a permit to visit the waterfall via the hike but it’s not too difficult to get one. Just visit the Laie Shopping Center from Hawaii Reserves, Inc. This is private property so you will definitely need the permit.

This is the most difficult of the three waterfalls in this article to reach, by far! The hike is moderate and can get tricky. However, arriving at gorgeous falls is so worth it. The mountains, the flora and, of course, the beautiful cascading falls.

Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls is located on the North Shore of Oahu. It is within the Waimea Valley that is located directly across from the Waimea Bay Beach Park (where all the surfers go in the winter). The hike to Waimea Falls is beautiful and easy along a paved road. It’s actually more of a stroll, actually.

The entry fee is located within the welcome center area of the Waimea Falls Trail. There is often a person doing traditional Hawaiian crafts for children located at this spot. Waimea Falls has everything! Hawaiian ruins, botanical gardens with thousands of plants and flowers from tropical areas around the world and, of course, Waimea Falls. Incidentally, the area around Waimea Falls was used in the filming of The Hunger Games and many other Hollywood productions.

Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is a very easy “hike” and the most accessible waterfall in an area that is close to Waikiki and Honolulu. However, don’t mistake ease of accessing with the mundane. There is nothing regular about Manoa Falls. The only downside to this waterfall is that it is really close to Honolulu and the trail is often quite crowded.

Those are your best bets for visiting waterfalls on Oahu during your Hawaiian Holiday. For more advance waterfall viewing, try out the hike to Maunawili Falls near Lanikai and Kailua. It’s great hike!